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How much it Costs to Study and Live in Australia?

Tuition fees and Average living costs of an international student studying in Australia

Australia is ranked on the third number worldwide for providing quality education and outstanding facilities to international students among the foreign developed countries.

There are many benefits for an international student to choose Australia for getting higher education. but the primary reasons to be kept in mind while preferring Australia over an abroad country for studies is that Australia has:

    • Globally recognized universities.
    • Friendly environment.
    • No bar of your religion.
    • Multicultural country.
    • A wide range of support services for students.
    • Organizations for assuring the delivery of quality studies to international students.
    • Enormous employment opportunities.
    • Work while you study.
    • Gain work experience from highly qualified workers on an international basis.

And the last but not the least reason for studying in Australia is that its living costs are not so high as compared to other foreign European countries.

As for the tuition and living costs in Australia, International students should keep in mind that the cost of studying in Australia directly depends upon your selected university, level of study, and the area of Australia where you want to study.

Therefore, the tuition fee costs of almost all majors in Australian universities vary from each other.

Having an idea about the living costs in Australia really helps an international student to get prepared financially and at the time of application procedure.

Therefore, we have prepared a list of the costs associated with studying and other general living as an international student in Australia.

Living costs of an international student in Australia:

#1 Cost of living as an international student in Australia:

According to the  Home Affairs of the Foreign department of the Australian government, for getting admission in Australia and to receive a student visa an international student must meet on the basis of financial needs.

This department declares that you will also have to give evidence that you can afford your living, study, and traveling expenses in Australia.

The Australian Home Affairs department provides in-depth details about how much will you need for studying in Australia.

As for this department for adopting residence as a student in Australia, you will need to have at least 20,290$ AUD per year if you are alone.

However, you will have to increase your budget to up to  10,140$ AUD in the case of other members with you.

This amount covers your whole costs including stay, food, studying, and traveling costs.

The official site of Australian international education recommends a budget ranging from 80$ AUD to 450$ AUD per week. 

These costs may vary from each other depending upon which type of study life you choose either too expensive or moderate.

In case you went to Australia and in the middle of the academic session, you, unfortunately, face some financial issues. Then you can freely contact the international student support or accommodation services for your help.

#2 Yearly and monthly living cost in Australia:

A survey about the costs of international students was conducted in October 2019.

It stated that by an average an international student must have the following amount of money to live an average student life:

    • For monthly costs of living a student must have at least 1400$ AUD to 199$ AUD.
    • For yearly costs of living a student must have approximately $ 20,041 AUD, if the student is alone.
    • If the student has some family members, then the yearly cost will be $7,362 AUD.
    • If the student has children coming with him, then the student must have approximately $3,152 AUD for an early cost of living.

You must check out the  Document Checklist Tool of the Australian VISA to find out about your eligibility in terms of financial assistance.

#3 Other general living costs:

The above was an average estimate of the general living costs in Australia. Meanwhile, the details about the costs of the small necessities of daily life have been mentioned below:

Minor necessities of living: Weekly cost of each necessity:
Foodstuff + Grocery’s needs: $145 to AUD 290.
Electricity and gas bills: $15 to  AUD 25.
Internet connection: $17.5 to AUD 30.
Refreshment: $70 to AUD 160.
Stationery: $41 to AUD 83.

From these above minor living costs, you will get a better idea about your expenses while studying in Australia.

#4 Accommodation costs of an international student in Australia:

After moving abroad, settling down is a top priority. If students do not have an idea of the accommodation costs before arriving in the country. Then it will cause disturbance of both money and time. 

So, knowing about the residency places and their costs before departing into the country will be much helpful for avoiding any type of inconvenience.

You must also keep in mind that the Australian universities offer a bounded number of dormitories, that’s why you should keep your budget in check.

To avoid any trouble, therefore, we have listed the average costs of all types of accommodation to help you prepare a better budget for getting a dormitory of your choice.

Types of dormitories: The monthly cost of each dormitory:
Residency on campus: $440 to AUD 1120.
Hostels: $360  to AUD 650.
Stay with a local family: $940 to AUD 1300.
Private apartment: $740 to AUD 1760.
Shared apartment: $380 to AUD 860.
Residential private schools: $916 to AUD 7333.

#5 Travel and Transport expenses in Australia:

Queensland, Melbourne, and South Australia have some stat programs for international student’s transportation. The aim of their stat programs is to provide a discount on each means of transportation to students.

But these discounted programs are for those international students who are residing within these restricted states.

The other foreign students who stay outside of these mentioned Australian states cannot avail of this opportunity. These students residing outside the campus dormitory will have to travel either by their own car or through public transport.

If you have adopted residency within your campus of study then it will be a great benefit for you. Because the university’s transport services will pick and drop you to your destinations.

The average transportation costs of an international student in Australi are:

Transportation means: Cost of each transport:
Travel in public transport: $25 to AUD 270.
Travel in a private car: $145 to AUD 270.

#6 Food expenses in Australia:

As an international student, your average food eating costs in Australia will range from $25 to AUD 77 per week. The cost of food and other edibles mainly depend upon many factors such as:

    • The standard of the restaurant (High standard or an average one).
    • Area of the restaurant.
    • Your preferred food or meal.
    • The number of persons.

The above is the average estimate of one person’s food expenses, in the case of other members you will have to raise the estimate accordingly.

If you find that cost expensive then you can also further lower the cost by eating in a cheap restaurant in Australia such as Parwana, Lantern by Nu and Lupo, etc, or by preparing meals yourself.

#7 Tuition Costs of an international student in Australia:

  • Education costs in Australia: 

The education costs in Australia differ greatly from each other. Because they depend on a number of elements like:

        1. The type of degree or course you have to study.
        2. Your selected major
        3. your preferred institution or university of study.
        4. The place where the institution is situated.

However, the common approximation of the tuition fee, costs of almost all courses, and degree levels are briefly described below.

  • The tuition fee of courses in Australia:

International students who want to pursue some of their short courses in or school level study in Australia will have to plan a budget of the following cost:

        1. If you are a school student then your total yearly expense will be about $8,800 to $35,000 AUD.
        2. For completing your diploma, vocational education, or training in Australia you will need an amount of money ranging from $4,500 to $23,000 AUD per year.
  • The cost of English studies in Australia:

It has to believe that there is an insane number of students who want to improve their English-speaking skills and learn the English language in-depth professionally.

Therefore, if you are also one of them then for studying English language studies you will have to afford a tuition cost of around $350 AUD per week. Its range is not fixed because it will vary according to the length and type of English course you choose.

  • The tuition fee of different degree levels in Australian universities:

All Australian universities have a wide range of tuition fees for different types of programs and degree levels. The costs of the major degrees are listed underneath:

        1. The medical students will have to pay about $289,00 to 647,000 AUD.
        2. The veterinary students will require to pay a tuition cost of about $12,000 to 470,000 AUD per year.
        3. In the same way for continuing your Bachelor’s degree in Australia, your education cost will be from $21,000 to $46,000 yearly.
        4. Meanwhile for Master’s students an early cost of approximately $23,000 to $49,000 AUD.
        5. However, for the Doctoral degree in Australia, your early education cost will range from $17,000 to $43,000 AUD.
  • The services cost in Australia:

In some Australian universities, you will have to pay the charges of some services offered to the students by the university. These charges are known as the Student Services and Amenities Fee. It generally costs around $313 AUD for the students who are studying full-time on campus. And for the part-time students, the student services and amenities fee will be around $156.50 AUD.

Tuition Fees of the Top-Ranked Australian Universities

If you are one of those international students who want to pursue their academic studies in the universities that are counted among the top-ranked institutions of Australia and throughout the world.

Then you will have to keep an eye on the following tuition costs:

Top Australian Universities: Yearly tuition cost:
University of Sydney: $39,000 to $46,000 AUD .
Australian National University: $29,000 to $ 49,700 AUD.
Monash University: $31,500 to $43,400 AUD.
University of Melbourne: $32,512 to $40,216 AUD.
The university of technology Sydney: $7, 875 per session to $437.50 per credit point.

Australian universities with Reasonable Tuition Fees for international students

Although there is a lot of globally recognized universities in Australia for international students. But their tuition fee is a bit high for some students. As for the tuition fee, some top universities that offer reasonable tuition costs to international students are as follows:

Australian Universities: Tuition fee per year:
Charles Sturt University: $19,200  to $24,800 AUD.
Catholic University of Australia: $22,720 to $25,248 AUD.
CQ University Rockhampton North: $24,000 to $27,600 AUD.
Charles Darwin University: $24,120 to $25,500 AUD.
University of Notre Dame Australia $28,000 to $29,900 AUD.

Here your tuition fees will vary depending on your study load, degree, whether you are an undergraduate, postgraduate or higher degree research student.

Top Ten Lowest Cost Universities in Australia for International Students:

In order to help the international students of different backgrounds, we have prepared a list of those universities in Australia which have really low tuition fee cost.

#1 La Trobe University Australia:

Degree: Annual Tuition fee:
Bachelor(Foreigners) 13,969$ AUS.
Masters(Foreigners) 13,969$ AUS.

#2 University of New England:

Degree: Annual Tuition fee:
Bachelor(Foreigners) 14,251$ AUS.
Masters(Foreigners) 14,421$ AUS.

#3 Murdoch University:

Degree: Annual Tuition fee:
Bachelor(Foreigners) 15,804$ AUS.
Masters(Foreigners) 15,804$ AUS.

#4 Flinders University:

Degree: Annual Tuition fee:
Bachelor(Foreigners) 15,451$ AUS.
Masters(Foreigners) 15,451$ AUS.

#5 Swinburne University of Technology:

Degree: Annual Tuition fee:
Bachelor(Foreigners) 16,509$ AUS.
Masters(Foreigners) 18,682$ AUS.

#6 Macquarie University:

Degree: Annual Tuition fee:
Bachelor(Foreigners) 17,000$ AUS.
Masters(Foreigners) 27,268$ AUS.

#7 Griffith University:

Degree: Annual Tuition fee:
Bachelor(Foreigners) 18,969$ AUS.
Masters(Foreigners) 20,813$ AUS.

#8 University of the Sunshine Coast:

Degree: Annual Tuition fee:
Bachelor(Foreigners) 19,397$ AUS.
Masters(Foreigners) 19,700$ AUS.

#9 University of Tasmania:

Degree: Annual Tuition fee:
Bachelor(Foreigners) 19,754$ AUS.
Masters(Foreigners) 19,754$ AUS.

#10 University of Southern Queensland (Toowoomba):

Degree: Annual Tuition fee:
Bachelor(Foreigners) 23,564$ AUS.
Masters(Foreigners) 24,129$ AUS.

Final Verdict:

If you have already planned to study in any of the abroad countries. 

Then in terms of low expenses in both education and general living, Australia will be a perfect country for fulfilling your aspiring educational dreams. 

Thinking of you we prepared this article of Australian costs of tuition and living 

So that you can estimate all the expenses before you go to Australia.

 After reading this article about living and studying costs in Australia you will definitely get a point or two about Australian costs.

Which will help you the best in preparing your budget for your admission and residence in Australia.

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