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Jobs for Students in Australia to Earn Extra Cash with Acquired Skills

Part-time jobs in Australia for students

Living standards in Australia are incredible for the international students acquiring education in Australia. Its standards are better in the sense that there are no restrictions of religion or language which is the most important for everyone. 

After the United Kingdom and the United States, Australia has immense international students… Australia is the third most popular destination for international students. It is ranked throughout the globe for its excellent education, friendly environment. 

Although Australia is an English-speaking well-developed country besides this Australia has 1100 well-known institutions. That offers admissions to international students in a variety of programs in approximately 22000 courses at affordable fees and scholarships. 

So that every deserving and talented student can play his best role to make their future academic dreams come true.

In short, whenever it comes to studying abroad, Australia would be a better option to choose because it has a lot to offer in terms of academics, history, nature, adventure, culture, and sights.

As we are talking about studying in Australia, there comes some students who are really talented and passionate about getting an education in any of the foreign countries. They afford the admissions in Australia but are unable to manage their living costs and other charges, which are immensely high in abroad countries.

If you have got admission to Australia and you also have your Australian student visa, you do not need to worry more. Because the Australian government, institutions, and organizations can understand the situations of the deserving students.

Therefore, besides offering full or half-funded scholarships the Australian government gives flexibility to international students to do some part-time jobs in Australia so that they will face no difficulty while handling their expenses in Australia.

Every country has its own rules and regulations to hire international students studying at the university on part or full-time work.

We have collected the common and easily approachable part-time jobs for international students to kick stat in Australia.

Jobs in Australia for Students having Student Visa:

Australian institutions and organizations every now and then offer a wide range of full or part-time jobs for international students. Depending upon the type of job, your interests, skills, and pay rate, you can choose any of the part-time jobs in Australia for meeting your needs.

By doing these part-time jobs, the students will be able to pay off their bills, and taxes. These jobs will also help them to afford their travel expenses and other little chores etc.

Consequently, the international students who want to pursue some type of part-time jobs in Australia should know that there are two major categories of part-time Australian jobs for international students.

These two major categories are described in detail below:

Part-time work at the university for international students in Australia: Working at the university is one of the best selections of foreign students for doing part-time jobs in Australia. 

For doing the jobs on campus you will need excellent English-speaking skills, for handling the students, and to better understanding the work. 

If you are a very intelligent and promising international student then the best on-campus jobs in Australia for you are:

    • Assistant professor.
    • Advisor of the student services.
    • Assistant of the student’s administration.
    • Student success advisor.
    • Architect of the student’s landscape.
    • Student Accountant at the university.
    • Library Assistant.

However, as the on-campus jobs are in high demand so their job offerings are limited and are highly competitive because a number of well-educated students apply for them. 

That is why for winning these jobs you must plan that as your academic studies start you will have to give your best results and maintain a kind relationship with the university along with its teachers and students.

Hence if you are a talented and extremely aspiring student then you can easily avail this opportunity.

Part-time off-campus jobs for international students in Australia:

The part-time off-campus jobs are also in high demand and a wide number of international students are taking benefit of them for meeting their expenses. 

We have made a listicle of the top part-time jobs opted by the international graduates. These part-time jobs in Australia are:

#1 Executive of management:

Many of the international students desire to opt the management as their part-time profession. Students having good communication and management skills find the jobs of executive management quite easy.

In some of the jobs, you will have to direct, operate and coordinate the activities to meet the requirements of your client or organization. A wide range of minor jobs is included in this category, so you can go for any of them as per your interest.

The jobs of the executive management category have been given below:


Executive of administration: Average pay rate:
Proposal writer. 43$ AUD per hour.
Bookkeeper. 34$ AUD per hour.
Personal assistant. 36.06$ AUD per hour.
Credit controller. 86$ AUD per hour.
HR administrator. 26.36$ AUD per hour.
Registrar. 130$ AUD per hour.

#2 Customer Support Centres:

A number of Australian organizations and centers have customer support services for solving the queries of the customers and to provide them with their needs. 

Therefore, these centers and organizations hire a lot of people for their customer’s services. These jobs are part-time available in different shifts and are in high demand. 

Accordingly, if you have a know-how of customer services then you can easily avail this opportunity to meet your needs.

Top part-time customer care jobs in Australia and their average wages are mentioned here:

Customer Support Centres jobs: Average pay rate:
Assistant of customer support. 20.79$ AUD per hour.
Student services. 19$ AUD per hour.
Customer care representative. 15$ AUD per hour.
Call center operator. 23.69$ AUD per hour.
Au pair. 18.29$ AUD per hour.
Farm-hand. 25$ AUD per hour.

#3 Food chain Sectors:

The food chain is perhaps the best for offering part-time jobs to international students. These sectors offer jobs in restaurants, hotels or cafes, etc. 

There is a variety of part-time jobs offered in the food chain sectors. Depending upon the type of the hotel, food beverage, or cafe their pay rate may vary from each other.

The popular part-time jobs in the food chain category are mentioned here:

Food chain Sectors  jobs: Average pay rate:
Hotel cashier. 18.85$ AUD per hour.
Waiter/Waitress. 20.88$ AUD per hour.
Delivery boy. 26$ AUD per hour.
Helper in a hotel. 19$ AUD per hour.
Assistant chef. 18-26$ AUD per hour.
Housekeeper. 27.50$ AUD per hour.

#4 Social Services Jobs:

Social services are one of the fastest-growing and highly demanding jobs in Australia. 

Having a good sense of humor and feeling happy to help the people who are in worry, hurdles and difficulties will urge you to offer your social services. In the social services field, you can work in a range of places such as private or public hospitals, old homes for the elderly people, refugee institutions, health centers, education consultant organizations, etc.

Here comes a list of socials services jobs and their hourly pay rate for you, when doing part-time work in Australia:

Social Services Vacancies: Average Pay rate:
Social services Assistant. 26.95$ AUD per hour.
Human Health Assistance. 28$ AUD per hour.
Health educators and workers. 50$ AUD per hour.
Counselors of school, university students. 47.40$ AUD per hour.
Helpers of elder people in old age homes. 21$ AUD per hour
Wedding consultants. 27.90$ AUD per hour.

#5 Retailing jobs:

For some students who do not have a lot of experience but have good confidence and friendly features then the retailing jobs are one of the best options for them. For example, if you are good enough at approaching the customers without any hesitation or discomfort then you will do retailing really well. 

Some retailing jobs and their average salaries in Australia for international students are given below:

Retailing Jobs in Australia: Average pay rate:
Work in Superstores. 18-21$ AUD per hour.
Work at bakery shops. 19-23$ AUD per hour.
Sales consultant. 35.41$ AUD per hour.
Salesman. 21.24$ AUD per hour.
Assistant of retailing shop’s stock. 28.3$ AUD per hour.
Assistant of the retailing manager. 23-27$ AUD per hour.

#6 Bar Keeping part-time jobs:

In Australia, having a great number of clubs and bars many part-time jobs in the bars, hotels are easily available. These bartending jobs in Australia are at different times either in the day or at night. A vast quantity of international students chooses to bartend jobs at night time in the Bar-keeping category. So, they can give enough time to their course studies in the morning and study well. 

However, you can go for the time that you find comfortable. The part-time bar keeping jobs in Australia and their normal hourly wages are listed underneath:

Bar/Cafe Keeping in Australia: Average Pay rate:
Waiter or waitress of the bar. 26.30$ AUD per hour.
Bartender. 21.87$ AUD per hour.
Barback. 30.50$ AUD per hour.
Bouncer. 26.83$ AUD per hour.
Bar’s security guard. 28.79$ AUD per hour.
A disc jockey (DJ). 59$ AUD per hour.

Requirements for Australian Part-time Student Jobs

The greatest advantage of these jobs is that you do not require any type of high qualifications or prior experience in a well-recognized field. The one and only things required for these jobs are to have good communication skills, hard work, and being conversant. 

So, if you have any of these qualities, then you are a perfect fit for pursuing the part-time jobs of bar keeping in Australia.

Which is the highest paying part-time job in Australia for international students?

You are a student and have zero experience in any of the era of the job but want to apply for a part-time job in Australia. Then there is no need to worry unless you are a hardworking and admiring student. Because your experience does not matter a lot. 

For a handsome package part-time job, all you need are your enthusiasm and passion and some good knowledge of the job for which you want to apply. 

Although a number of part-time jobs in Australia are briefly discussed above. But the highest paying part-time job for foreign students in Australia is to become a private tutor. If you have better knowledge and want to enlighten other students with it then your scope in this sector is really remarkable. 

You can choose the subjects or majors in the private tuitions according to your aptitude, either you want to give online tuitions or in-home tuitions.

The average pay of a part-time tutor in Australia:

The average salary of a good tutor ranges from 20.59$ AUD to 37$ AUD per hour. However, for charging above 50 $ in Australia, you will need to have at least eight to ten years of experience in the teaching field and an excellent CV showing your qualifications and prior experience.

How much is the average salary of a part-time working student in Australia?

The pay rate of every category of part-time working depends on the type of job, organization, and number of hours that you dedicate to do work. Even so, the salary or wage of an international student working part-time is not fixed. 

Yet the average pay rate of working overseas in Australia is estimated to range from 18.77$ AUD per hour to 375.4$ AUD per week.

After getting this wage you will have to pay the government taxes first. You must keep in mind that you will not be paid for any type of work that is regarded as a part of your course. When you are doing part-time jobs for 20 hours a week then 375$ AUD per week is good money to fulfill some of your essentials.

What is the time limit of working as a student in Australia?

First of all, overseas students cannot start tier jobs right after their departure in Australia. You can start your part or full-time work once your studies have been started.

All international students having who want to pursue part-time work in Australia have some time constraints. The students having an Australian student visa can work for up to twenty hours per week. The family members of those students will also have to work for twenty hours a week under a student visa. These timings will be followed when the school or university is in session. On holidays there are no restrictions on time, so you can freely do your work full time.

When you are doing some voluntary jobs, just for helping others for free of cost. Then this time will be not included in your paid job’s timings. If you are a student of masters or Ph.D. or any other post-graduation then you are quite better lucky than the others in terms of time job timings. Because under a student visa, you have unlimited time for doing part-time jobs.

In case you do not follow any of the working time limits then it will cause the Australian government to cancel your student visa. Therefore, you must be careful while doing either part or full-time working in Australia.


International students who have luckily got admission in the Australian well-recognized and qualified institutions and now are looking for starting any part-time work in Australia, will get tremendous help from these jobs. 

All of these part-time jobs do not require any hard-fast rules. They are just pretty easy to apply and as compared to other people students have a great chance of availing them. 

By pursuing these part-time jobs, the students can easily pay their taxes which are a little high, bills, stationery, can spend some money on their side hustles. 

However, some students can also save them for their grocery, clothing, or other little chores. If you are one of the students looking to afford your expenditures in Australia then in -light of so many advantages of the part-time jobs, you should go for them.

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