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Get Admission in Australia WITHOUT IELTS in Following Universities

Australia is one of the most prestigious countries when it comes to studying abroad. If you have a great desire of studying in Australia but cannot dare to apply due to the unavailability of international exam tests such as IELTS and TOEFL and you are an avid and hardworking student then you don’t need to worry about these tests. Because there are still some Australian universities offering admissions to international students without IELTS and TOEFL.

Some Australian universities offer admissions without IELTS, in case of the following requirements;

    • Your previous institute was in English medium and you have studied in the English language.
    • You are a talented student, who applied for the scholarship but cannot fulfill the IELTS requirements at the time of application, then there’s also no need to worry. Because once you get admission, the university will offer a preparatory language course before the academic session starts.

Here is the step-by-step instruction guide for applying to any Australian University without any International exam (IELTS, TOEFL).

 The procedure of Application for Admissions in Australia:

    • First of all, research for all the Australian universities at their official sites. Check out each University’s requirements.
    • Enlist the universities which do not require any International exam test such as TOEFL or IELTS.
    • Prepare Your documents such as a letter of recommendation, letter of intent, transcripts, health certificate. 
    • Then start applying for each University one by one through the online application.

Online Video Interview:

Once you are selected you will be informed to give an online interview. Its purpose is to check your English proficiency and also to figure out your enthusiasm for studying at Australian University. So for qualifying for the interview, you need to start practicing the English language and other essentials as soon as possible after submitting your application.

Letter of acceptance:

After successfully Passing an online interview, you will receive a letter of acceptance. Actually, it is a confirmation letter stating that you have been selected by the University Department for studying your desired major.

Paying University’s Tuition Fee:

After receiving the acceptance letter from the University Department, you will have to pay the university tuition fee.

Prepare “student visa” for studying in Australia without IELTS:

If you are an international student then you will have to apply for an Australian student visa after receiving the acceptance letter from the university. You will have to apply for the subclass 500 Australian student visa through the Online official website. 

Visit this online website, and search for your country requirements. 

Then by following their step-by-step instruction get your student Visa prepared as soon as possible so that you will have to face no difficulty.

Australian Universities Without IELTS/TOEFL:

The Australian universities which offer admission without IELTS are listed below;

  • The University of Adelaide Australia.

The University of Adelaide is ranked among the top 1% best universities in the world. International students are asked for a pre-enrollment English Language preparatory program. This program usually lasts for about one year or two semesters. An English proficiency test will be taken from you at the end of each semester so in case if you successfully passed that proficiency test in the first semester then you don’t need to appear in the 2nd semester for the English language program. But if you did not pass the final English language preparatory program then you will not be allowed to continue your academic session.

  • The Swinburne University of Technology Australia.

Students lacking IELTS or TOEFL can take admission to the Swinburne University, which is one of the highly qualified Australian universities.

The only prerequisite is that the international students should have got good marks in the other English language proficiency alternative tests such as:

The Vocational Certificate of Education (VCE): It’s a kind of work experience in any of the institutes where you gained education.

The Academic Pearson Language Tests: It is a computerized test for judging the listening, writing, and reading English of students who are non-native English.

The Common European Framework: It is an international exam based on a six-point scale, illustrating the language proficiency of non-native English speakers …

However, those applicants who don’t have any of these test scores at the time of application. Then after getting shortlisted, they’ll be required to apply for the English language preparatory program at the university. As aforesaid the duration of that program will range from 2 semesters to a complete academic year. If you successfully pass that program in the first or second semester then you’ll not have to sit in the next program.

  • The University of Queensland Australia.

The University of Queensland in Australia is a highly reputable and a highly qualified university that every year gives a chance to deserving students irrespective of the student’s ability to speak the English language.

In case of unavailability of IELTS or TOEFL, a student can prove his English learning skills if he has any of these;

      1. You have achieved a certificate proving your English language proficiency.
      2. The medium of instruction in your early education was English.
      3. You stood outstanding in your class and got excellent marks in the English subject.
      4. Where you have worked, your language of instruction was English.
  • The Bond University Australia.

The bond university ranks number 29 in Australia. In the unavailability of IELTS, the four ways to get admission are:

      1. Complete level 3 of the “English for Academic Purpose” test. You have to pass it successfully before your academic studies begin, otherwise, you’ll be illegible to get admission to the Bond university without IELTS.
      2. You should have fortuitously passed your Pearson Test of English Academic.
      3. You must have triumphantly finished your Cambridge English Advanced also known as C1 Advance.
      4. You also have another option, which is your previous education in the English medium institutes.
  • The University of New South Wales.

It is an extensive leading university in Australia. A large number of international students get admission to it every year.

There are a number of alternatives to the international exam IELTS at the University of New South Wales Australia. So, you don’t need to get frustrated while applying for admission to any Australian universities in the case of the unavailability of IELTS. 

Some alternatives that can be submitted at the South Wales University are described below; 

At most Australian universities in the absence of IELTS the most commonly accepted alternatives are the Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English, Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English, or Pearson Test of English Academic.

However, if you are not up to the above requirements then still you can apply if you have worked in an English language background and have experience of it.

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