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Top Reasons to Study Engineering in Australia

Being a talented and aspiring student of engineering, now you may want to study abroad; maybe in a country that is very well known and recognized in the field of engineering. Then Australia should be the top priority for sure.

Why Choose Australia For Engineering?

The first foremost reason for selecting Australia for pursuing your engineering degree is that Australia’s top-earning industry comes to be Engineering without any doubt. Of about thirty-seven engineering universities in Australia, the top three are:

    • The Australian University of Technology Sydney.
    • The University of Adelaide Australia.
    • The University of New South Wales Australia.

Besides academic studies and course-work, a wide range of research opportunities are also offered by these Engineering universities.

In Australia for the last two years, there is a rise of 4.1% in the enrolment of engineering students. According to Australian International Students Taskforce, there is a rise of eighty-one percent in the enrollment of international engineering students in Australia, and the population of engineering students surpassed one million.

What are the Benefits of Studying Engineering in Australia?

Australia is ranked 124th number in the field of engineering worldwide. The prestigious Australian Education is well-known worldwide. An association called “Engineers Australia” has the authority to look after international Engineering graduates.

This association has to assure that the Australian universities are offering quality education to all engineering students, enabling them to be highly qualified and professional engineers.

After completing graduation, the engineering students can also join the Australian “Engineers Australia” Association as an internet.

#1 Broad Variety of Engineering Courses in Australia:

Australia is a country, which gives a lot of opportunities to all national and international students in all fields of studies for pursuing their dream careers.

In the same way, a large number of courses, and majors in the field of engineering are also offered by the Australian well-known universities.

Some of the engineering courses are listed below:

    • Environmental Engineering
    • Biomedical Engineering
    • Manufacturing Technology
    • Geotechnical Engineering
    • Mining Engineering
    • Civil Engineering
    • Software Engineering
    • Chemical Engineering
    • Agriculture Engineering
    • Electronics Engineering
    • Computer science engineering
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • Mechatronics Engineering
    • Aerospace Engineering

Australian Engineering universities also put forward implausible ways to those people, who are working as an engineer for accomplishing specialization in engineering fields such as Masters in engineering.

In Australia, the majority of International students have opted for Electrical, Civil, and Mechanical Engineering majors.

In demand Australian engineering field:

As the trend in the construction industry is increasing nowadays, due to which Civil engineering in Australia seems to be in high demand. 

ICT, Industrial, Mechanical engineering, and mining engineers as well are next to the civil engineers with prodigious demand in Australian Engineering occupations.

#2  Worldwide Academic Recognition:

Although Australia is a small nation, it is a home of highly qualified, well-known universities and research programs all over the world. In addition to engineering, scientific, medical, research work, and all other academic programs in Australia are recognized throughout the globe.

The global acceptance of Australian programs makes it a plus point in the benefits for the overseas students to pursue their engineering education in Australia.

#3 Diverseness of Students:

Going to an unknown country and interacting with that country’s native people is somewhat scary for international students.

But for studying abroad, Australia comes to be a better option. Because it is a multicultural country having qualities like an incredible education system, friendly nature, laid-back environment and a wide range of international students.

So, you will never get disappointed if you did not find any of your country-mates. 

The Aussies are generally so loving, caring and friendly, that they’ll never feel you alone.

Australia is on the third number in ranking of the international student population. It has approximately 13,8060 foreign students enrolled in the Australian engineering universities in the year 2020, giving a rise to its annual overseas student population.

#4 Immense Expectation of Migration to Australia:

If you’ve done your graduation in Engineering majors and then desire to stay in Australia for a lifetime.

For this, after completing graduation in Australia as an engineer, you will have to apply for an Australian permanent or temporary Visa. There is a high chance of granting you this opportunity because the Australian government is in extreme need of skilled, professional, and qualified engineers.

If you are one of them, then a lot of incredible and outstanding opportunities are waiting for you to fulfill your career wishes.

So, there is an infinite number of benefits for national and overseas engineering students.

For availing of Australian residency, you will have to select one of the following Visa options:

  • Temporary Graduate or Post-study Work Australian Visa:

If you have successfully done your graduation and then wish of staying in Australia temporarily just for gaining work experience. In this case, you will need to apply for the Australian Post-study work visa of subclass 485.

  • Employer Nomination Scheme Or Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme

For availing of this visa of subclass 186 and 187, you need to be nominated by any well-known employer of Australia for a job.

  • SkillSelect:

After completing your Employment Ontario Information (EOIS), you can apply for the skill select Australian visa. Through this visa, a person can apply for permanent residency in Australia. If you have good engineering skills, then the chances of getting this visa are comparatively high.

People having professions like Mechanical engineering, Software programming, Computer Science, Information Technology, and Industrial Engineering and some other engineering professions have an excellent opportunity of approving the skill-select visa program of subclass 189 and 190 by the Australian government. Skill-select-migration Australian visa of subclass 189 and 190.

For getting much information about the visa programs, visit the Immigration and Citizenship portal of the Australian Government.

#5 Prodigious Employment probabilities:

Australia is always in persistent need of professional and skilled engineers. Due to this high necessity of engineers, especially in the Australian cities like Queensland and Western Australia a lot of employment prospects are granted to engineering graduates.

Thereby, studying engineering in Australia appears to be highly profitable for engineering graduates. 

Even if all engineering professions have the highest paying salaries but the engineering field at the peak in Australia is mining engineering. 

Mining engineers in Australia have a handsome salary package of around $156,126 AUD.

The average salary of engineering graduates other than mining engineers is expected to be about $70,000 AUD per year.

#6 Engineering Affiliate: 

Overseas students can also achieve posts like Engineering technologists or Engineering affiliates in Australia by applying to the “Vocational Education and Training” courses in Australia.

#7 Professional Accreditation in Australia:

The accreditation of international undergraduate engineers is accomplished by the professional Engineers Australia association.

Best engineering universities in Australia contribute manufacturing preparation placing to worldwide students, enabling them to work with qualified, equipped, and knowledgeable associates in a professional, cozy background. Thus, graduates will have a great experience of practical working with Aussies in global professional background.

In conclusion, the great benefit of professional accreditation is that it will help you in the recognition of your degrees in overseas universities across the world.

#8 Experience of Work in Australia:

In Australia, while doing academic studies, you can also obtain experience in engineering through voluntary and other mandatory internships.

But besides those internships, an unbelievable advantage of pursuing engineering in Australia is that they have developed a professional year Program (PYP), designed for international engineering aspirants. 

It is a work-experience program of engineering in Australia, specifically originated for the foreign students to gain high-quality practical experience in the field of engineering. It is completed in one to two years.

PYP increases the chance of engineering graduate’s permanent residency in Australia by enabling them to have advantageous experience in the Australian prestigious engineering companies.

Thereby, In addition to acquiring education in Australia, you can also have the serendipity of procuring valuable practical experience in the engineering field in Australia.

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