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Turkey Government Scholarships 2023 for Overseas Students

Türkiye Burslari has announced Turkey government Scholarships 2023, also known as the Turkish scholarship for all overseas students worldwide. No wonder this scholarship is the golden opportunity for all the passionate, intelligent, and devoted students to complete their undergraduate, Master’s, and Ph.D. degree programs for free in the well-known Turkish universities.

The Turkish Scholarships, sponsored by the Turkiye Burslari Scholarship Scheme, have opened the doors for all the eligible students who want to pursue their dreams and complete their higher education abroad. However, the applications will start accepting online from December 2021 for Turkish Government Scholarships. So, save the date and get ready to apply for this program to make your future and career brighter and prosperous. By studying in the Top-rated universities of the Tukey, one will get the chance to build and enhance his skills, ideas, and knowledge needed for a successful career.

It is important to notify that students can apply for the fully funded Turkey Government Scholarship for undergraduate, postgraduate, doctoral degree programs.

Meanwhile, the government wants to tie friendly relations with other countries by welcoming their young generation through this scholarship for the programs mentioned above and short courses. However, this scholarship serves many benefits to the students in terms of cultural awareness, knowledge, and new life experiences. On the other hand, the Turkish scholarship policy is a bit different for all the extraordinary students. That means they can complete their degree in any top university in the country via transfer. But they have to qualify for that.


As mentioned, this scholarship program is serving many benefits to the awarded students. The list of these benefits are as follows:

  1. There are no accommodation charges for the students who win the scholarship as it is all funded by the Turkish Scholarships funding. Those students who are living in their university apartments will not have to pay any charges. However, if they are willing to live somewhere else, other than that, then they have to pay the rent themselves.
  2. The students awarded with this scholarship will not pay any of the tuition fees as it is a fully-funded program.
  3. Public health insurance is responsible for taking the burden of health expenses of awarded students.
  4. Similarly, all the travel expenses also get covered under this scholarship. Two air tickets, one for the arrival and one for the departure from the country, will be given to the students.


  1. Monthly, 700 TL as a stipend will be given to the students.  
  2. It will cover Tuition Fee education in any University in Turkey.
  3. The students will get a chance to do a Turkish Language course for one year.
  4. Free Health Insurance in Turkey
  5. It will provide accommodation in the Turkish University’s dormitory.
  6. University and program placement
  7. Once off, Return flight ticket.


  • For Masters – 950 TL monthly stipend.
  • For Ph.D. – 1400 TL monthly stipend.
  • Tuition-free education.
  • One year Turkish Language course in Turkey.
  • Free Health Insurance in Turkey.
  • University and program placement.
  • Once off, Return flight ticket. 
  • There will be free accommodation in the Turkish University’s dormitory.


Turkey Research program:

  1. The duration of the Turkey Research program is 3 to 10 months. However, the monthly stipend for Turkey Research Scholarship Program is 3000 TL.
  2. There are no accommodations or other benefits in this program.

Turkey Success Scholarship Program:

  1. The duration of this program is one year.
  2. There is a 440 TL monthly stipend for Bachelor’s degree.
  3. For Master’s, there is a 595 TL stipend per month.
  4. And for Ph.D., there is an 885 TL stipend per month.
  5. However, it includes other benefits and coverages.

Turkish Language & Culture Programs:

  1. The duration of the Academicians and Public Officials Turkish Language Program, also known as (KATİP), is 8-10 months.
  2. For Master’s, the monthly living allowance is 2000 TL.
  3. Free accommodation in Turkish University.
  4. Turkish Language Course.
  5. Return flight ticket, once. 
  6. But there is no coverage of health insurance in this program.

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