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Scholarships to Study in Australia for Free in 2023

Study in Australia for Free of Cost.

Australia is a very popular academic study destination for international students to complete their research, or studies and accomplish their future dreams in terms of profession. Among foreign English-speaking countries, Australia has one-third number of international students.

Australia’s large number of universities are recognized worldwide to provide excellent education, and outstanding research opportunities, and a friendly helping environment.

If you are an international talented student and have the desire of gaining your next level of education from Australia then it can definitely be a good option for achieving your future goals from a well-recognized country. But as a student living in Australia can be somewhat costly for some students, that becomes a considerable stumbling block for them from fulfilling their academic dreams in a worldwide recognized university. Even so, if you have the courage, spirit, confidence, and passion to make your country and nation feel proud and to fulfill your academic education then no one can stop you from achieving your career goals, no matter how many hurdles come in your path.

So, this article of mine will enable you to unlock the door that will lead you to study for free in Australia.

Consequently, thinking of the deserving students from all over the world the Australian government offers a large number of scholarships every year. The Australian universities also offer full or half fee waiver funds to international deserving students.

The most important aspect of studying in Australia is that it has two well-known acts for the international students i.e.; 

#1 Education services for overseas students.

This Australian act ensures the quality of education offered to international students via Australian universities and training centers.

#2 Tertiary education quality and standards agency.

This TEQSA act of Australia accredits the courses which you study in Australia as international students.

So, being an international student, you will have many opportunities and gain an immersive number of academic advantages from Australia. Through either full or half-funded scholarships, you can easily accomplish your education from Australia.

How to Study for Free in Australia?

For studying free of cost in Australia as an international student, you will find two possibilities.

#1 Through Jobs:

The second possibility is that after going to Australia you will have a chance of doing a part-time or full-time job, for handling your living expenses in Australia.

This is either offered by the university itself or you can also do it outside the university if you have a work permit and an Australian student visa. You can work 20 hours per week in the presence of an Australian student visa. Post-graduate students have the permission of frittering away their 20 hours in a week. However, there are no time restrictions for Ph.D. and masters’ students.

#2 Through Australian Scholarships:

The first possibility is that you directly apply to the Australian scholarships and try your best to win them. If you succeed to get a scholarship, it will be very beneficial for you. Because the government will cover all the expenses from your stay to education.

For helping the deserving talented students, we have listed some mandatory Australian scholarships. Through them, you can have a chance to better prove your academic career.

Australian Scholarships to Study for free:

#1 Australia Awards Scholarships:

This scholarship is offered by the government of Australia to international deserving students. It is administered by the department of foreign affairs and trade of Australia. The Australian awards scholarship is basically for those students who want to get admission in the undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

Australian Awards scholarship offers scholarship-based admissions in Australian universities and in TAFE (Technical and Further Education) institutions. Students from developing countries and continents like Asia, Middle East, the Pacific Ocean, and other countries located in the Indo-pacific region can avail of this opportunity. For checking your country’s eligibility, opening and closing dates, and other requirements, kindly check out the website.

Universities that host Australia Awards Scholarships:

    • Technology Carnegie Mellon
    • University Macquarie
    • University Murdoch
    • Charles Sturt University
    • University of Technology Deakin University Edith Cowan University Federation
    • Aviation Australia Bond
    • University Box Hill Institute
    • University Queensland
    • Polytechnic Monash
    • Kangan Institute La Trobe
    • Chisholm Institute of TAFE Curtin
    • Australian Catholic University
    • Queensland University
    • James Cook University
    • University Central
    • University of Technology
    • TAFE Bureau of Meteorology
    • Charles Darwin University
    • University Melbourne
    • Canberra Institute of Technology
    • Griffith University
    • University Flinders University
    • Holmesglen Institute of TAFE

Level of degree: Undergraduate, Masters, and Ph.D. degree programs.

Opening and closing dates: The applications for the Australian Awards Scholarship opens on 1st February and end on 30 April every year.

Eligibility Criteria: 

    • Aspirants must be a citizen of the eligible country.
    • You must have an English language proficiency exam with grades valid until January 2023.
    • You must have a minimum of 6.5 scores in IELTS.
    • You must have a plan of serving your resident country for at least two years after completing the education in Australia.

Scholarship Benefits:

    • It will cover the full tuition fee.
    • The round air ticket of economy class to and from Australia.
    • Expanses of the health checkup of the scholar.
    • Stationary cost.

#2 Australian Endeavour Postgraduate Leadership Awards:

The Endeavour Postgraduate leadership award is a fully-funded scholarship program for completely free studies in Australia. Australian Endeavour scholarships and fellowships are merit-based scholarships offered by the Australian government providing a wide range of opportunities to Australian nationals and all overseas students. This scholarship program is for two years for the Master’s students and 4 years for the Ph.D. students for doing research work or academic studies.

Universities that host Australian Endeavour Scholarship: Almost all Australian universities and Higher education institutes offer this scholarship.

Level of degree: Masters and Ph.D. degrees.

Opening and closing dates:  It generally opens in February and ends on the 15th of November every year.

Eligibility Criteria:

    • The scholarship aspirant must be a permanent resident from any of the eligible developed countries.
    • The scholar must be the age of or 18 or over 18.
    • Candidates who already have studied by Endeavour scholarship are illegible.
    • Applicants who began their program before 2019 are not eligible.

Scholarship Benefits:

    • The total amount of the Endeavour scholarship is AUD 272,500 and for Master’s students is $140,500.
    • Monthly allowance of $3,000 per year.
    • Full tuition fee covering expanses of research proposals, course-work, and other comforts fee.
    • Health and travel expenses of the scholar.

#3 Australia International Chancellor’s Scholarships:

Being among the top Australian universities the Australian National University offers the “Australian Chancellor’s Scholarship”. Australian National University is one of the top three universities located in the “Canberra” capital of Australia.

Annually 200 number of “Australian International Chancellor’s Scholarships” to the international students are granted depending upon the type of course and level of degree the scholarship aspirants want to pursue.

The Australia International Chancellor’s scholarship offers a scholarship of 5 years to undergraduate, 2 years for Masters, and 4 years for Ph.D. degree programs.

The number of “Australia Chancellor’s Scholarship” for every level of study differs from one another. Generally, 25 scholarships for International undergraduates, 75 scholarships for Masters and Ph.D. foreign students, 10 scholarships for the Africa and Middle East aspirants, and 50 scholarships for the South Asian students are granted per year.

Universities that host Australia National University Scholarship Award: The National University of Australia.

Level of degree: Undergraduate, Master’s, Ph.D. degree.

Opening and closing dates: The applications for the Australian Chancellor’s scholarship open in February-March and closes on 31 August of 2021.

Eligibility Criteria: 

    • Must be an international student of the participating countries.
    • Must not be a recipient of any other Australian scholarship.
    • Must have received a confirmation from a recognized university.

Scholarship Benefits:

    • For Undergraduates, a stipend of $25000 AUD per annum.
    • For Ph.D. and Masters students, there is a stipend of $15000 per annum.
    • Scholars of South and South-East Asia, Africa, and Middle-East regions will receive a stipend of $25000 AUD annually.

#4 University of Sydney International Research Scholarships:

Are you a dedicated postgraduate student and seeking admission in any research university and that too absolutely free? Then your wait is over here because, for talented graduates like you, the University of Sydney offers research programs completely free of cost, helping you meet your future dreams.

The university that hosts Sydney International Research Scholarship Program: The University of Sydney

Level of degree: Research Studies of Ph.D. and Masters students.

Opening and closing dates: The Applications for the “Sydney International Research scholarship” have two rounds, the first continuing from April to June and the second round continuing from October to January.

Eligibility Criteria: 

    • Must not be a national of Australia, should be from overseas.
    • Must not be a participant of any other Australian Research scholarship program.
    • Enrolled in the Sydney University for any research work by Masters or Ph.D. level of study.

Scholarship Benefits:

    • A yearly stipend of $35,629 AUD.
    • Tuition fee costs up to three years for the postgraduate students.
    • Living allowance.
    • OSHC-Overseas health expenses.

#5 Australia Research Training Scholarships Program:

The “Australian Research Training Program (RTP) 2021” is a good opportunity for postgraduate degree students. It is administered by the Australian government for helping intelligent international researchers. The “Australia Research Training Program” includes research works and training programs in a wide range of programs. It is of three years for Ph.D. and of 2 years for the Master by research students.

The university that hosts the Australia Research Training Scholarship Program: University of Sydney Australia.

Level of degree: Master’s degree, Ph.D. (Doctorate) degree.

Opening and closing dates: Applications for the RTP scholarship usually start in May and close in October.

Eligibility Criteria for both Master and Ph.D. students: 

    • Must be an Australian national or an international student of the participating universities.
    • Must hold an undergraduate degree.
    • For applying to Ph.D. programs, the scholarship applicants must contain prior research experience.
    • A bachelor’s or Master’s degree with first or second-class honor at the University of Sydney or any other recognized university.

Scholarship Benefits:

    • Full tuition fee.
    • Annual stipend of $27,596 AUD.
    • An economy class ticket to and from Australia.
    • Completely free accommodation.

Eligibility Criteria for Australian Scholarships:

The requirements for completing the Australian scholarship application depend upon the university and your field of interest. However, the most crucial requirements that will not change, no matter to which university or program you apply, are listed below:

Since most of the scholarships are merit-based and depend upon your academic education. So you will have to meet the following requirements:

#1 Previous Education details:

The first crucial requirement is about your previous education like your academic transcripts, marks you obtained in your earlier institute, character certificate.

#2 English language proficiency:

In case you are not from an English-speaking country then the government and universities both will demand International exam scores of the English language.

There are many alternatives to English language international exams such as IELTS, TOEFL, GMAT, etc. So, you can choose the one which the university requires.

Some universities can also exempt that score if you succeed in proving that the medium of instruction in your earlier education was English.

#3 Australian Student Visa:

Being an international student getting an Australian student visa before your departure to Australia would be a wise choice. Because an important benefit of getting this visa is that you will get the permit to work as well while you study.

#4 Other Credentials:

Your birth certificate or national identity card (varies with your country of residence). Providing information about your co-curricular activities and work experience can increase your chance of winning Australian scholarships.

How to Apply for Australian Scholarships?

The application process of Australian scholarships for every Australian university and the program of your interest varies. In some cases, you can apply for an Australian scholarship after enrolling at the university. However, the Australian government scholarships have mostly the same scholarship and enrollment application type. In such a case, you will be awarded a scholarship if you meet their requirements.

When it comes to the online applications of Australian Scholarships, first of all, try to start checking the applications at the very beginning of the scholarship season. Then search thoroughly the universities where your field of interest is found.

Carefully read out the guidelines mentioned on each website of scholarships. This way, you will better get to know about the essential documents required by the university.

After getting your documents ready, upload them to the Australian scholarship application portal or send them by post, do as demanded by your preferred Australian institution.

After successfully submit your scholarship documents, they will be assessed by the university in the period of assessment. If you got selected by the university then you will receive a letter of confirmation and an Australian Scholarship Award letter.

An electronic letter of confirmation states that you are awarded your selected Australian scholarship.

After all these credentials, you will have just to get the Australian student visa, book a ticket to Australia, and go off for achieving your future dreams in a well-recognized country throughout the world.

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