Australian VISA Process 2024

Working on Australian Study VISA in 2023

Can we work on student VISA in Australia?

Copious international students desiderate to start some work after going to Australia while acquiring quality education in Australia. It’s obvious for many foreign students.

Being an international student, you can only avail yourself permission to start work in Austria if you have got your Australian student visa. As you get the Australian student visa, you will also get permission from the Australian government to work during your course studies for only 20 hours per week.

Here are the information and some rules and regulations associated with your Australian student visa dis-obeying of which may cause the Australian government to cancel your visa.

Work Rules for the Students having Australian Student Visa:

Australia Study visa applications after 2008:

Before April 2008 the candidate aiming for a job in Australia will have to apply separately for work permission besides a student visa and also the candidate’s family members were not eligible of working in Australia by the visa of the aspiring candidate.

However, getting the visa now after 2008 is very beneficial because apart from you your family members can also do jobs in Australia.

Thus, this policy has proved advantageous in both terms of time and money.

How many hours per fortnight can you work?

All students having a student visa will have to work forty (40) hours in a fortnight. Fortnight is a period of 14 days.

You are allowed to work for forty hours per fortnight and 20 hours per week during the university session. While during the Australian government holidays you have the permission f working for unlimited hours.

Also, if you apply during the summer and winter break then you will have to work for not more than 40 hours per fortnight.

However, if you are a postgraduate research student then you are allowed to work for unlimited hours.

The genuine voluntary works like: 

    • The kindness. 
    • Helping the community. 
    • Supporting needy people.
    • For an unpaid organization.

In short, the time limit of any sort of those works that you will do not for the sake of money or a return wage will not be counted in the forty hours of the student visa.

Rules for the Working Student’s Family Members:

The family members of the students have the same rights like that of the student themselves.

If you are an undergraduate student with a student visa then your family will have to work for the same 40 hours per fortnight.

While if you are a postgraduate research, graduate, or master’s student then along with you your family members will have also the opportunity to work unlimited hours per fortnight.

Information on working in Australia on a study visa:

Where to find jobs with an Australian student Visa?

For international students having a student visa looking for work, Australia has set up a Student Job Search Service. At this service, you will get information about the jobs for students. So, if you want a part or full-time job in Australia then joining it before going for a job search can be advantageous.

Moreover, you must check the employment boards regularly so that you can’t miss a single opportunity because more than enough amount of job opportunities for the students are offered on a regular basis.

Can students work before their course studies start?

Even though international graduates arrive in Australia about ninety days before their academic session starts.

Nevertheless, you are not eligible to work in Australia until you are enrolled or commencing to enroll in any Australian university.

So, for starting work in Australia you will have to apply for admission to any Australian university. Then if you are accepted by the university, you will receive an electronic letter of confirmation. 

After which you will have to apply for an Australian student visa in which the details of your letter of confirmation will be necessary.

That’s why for availing Australian student visa you must be enrolled in a well-recognized Australian university.

Can Graduates work after their course completion?

Most Australian International graduates misunderstand that they will have permission to work and stay in Australia after they complete their academic studies. Because they have an Australian student visa.

Unfortunately, it is not genuine news because being a foreign graduate you are not allowed to stay and continue your work in Australia after completing your graduation in the presence of an Australian student visa.

According to your Australian student visa, you are going to Australia just for the purpose of getting your desired education from the Australian well-recognized universities and will go back to your home country afore your degree is finished. It also states that you will have to leave Australia for at least two years as you complete your studies.

Thus, if you want to continue working in Australia after your degree, it is mandatory to apply for an Australian work permit.

After getting a work permit you will get access to do the job and stay in Australia being a foreign graduate.


If you are an overseas graduate getting an education in Australia, then along with fees there might be some expenses that you want to afford on your own while continuing your academic career.

Then the Australian student visa is highly beneficial for you in that case…

Because besides numerous advantages, the Australian student visa will permit you to start a job in Australia for handling your expenses and will enable you to afford all your debts yourself.

Apart from the enormous profits offered by the Australian government to the Australian student visa holder the most important point to be noted is that you should plan your budget before going to Australia and do not disturb your budget plan by thinking that all of a sudden you will get work to cover your expenses.

Therefore you should keep in mind that as most things depend on luck, in the same way, getting a job right away is not guaranteed.

Hence if you can’t find any part or full-time job in Australia immediately then don’t lose hope because where there is a will there is a way.

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