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8 Reasons to Choose Australia as Your Study Destination

For any international student who wants to study abroad, Australia is a less expensive country as compared to the other European countries. 

The most important features of studying in Australia are its world-ranked universities, energetic cities, and cooperative environment.

Australian universities provide a wide range of opportunities for international students. 

In Australia, there are no restrictions on working during the academic session So you can easily work in your free time in order to feed up your stomach, afford your tuition fees, or meet your other requirements.

Benefits of Studying in Australia

1) Top Rankings of Australian Universities:

According to the QS rankings, 2019-2020, Australia is the home of world-ranked universities. This can be estimated from the ranking of the Australian universities given below;

Top Australian Universities List with World Ranking World Ranking:
The University of Melbourne 41
The University of Queensland 54
Monash University 73
The Australian National University 76
University of Sydney 80
The University of New South Wales 94
The University of Western Australia 99
The University of Adelaide 101-150
Curtin University 201-300
Deakin University 201-300

2) Quality of Education:

Education services for International students (ESOS) have been developed by the Australian government in order to provide them a high-quality education. According to a survey, In the year 2019, a Large number of international students got admission to Australian universities.

3) The Grading System is Different:

Every country has its own grading system.  In the same way, the Australian universities and institutes also offer different grading systems where you’ll find HD (High Distinction), D (Distinction), C(Credit), P(Pass), and F(Fail) grades.

So, If you are going to be awarded Australian grades then HD means First class, D means Second class with higher division, C means Second class with lower-division, P means Third class and F means Fail.

4) Best Cities for Studying in Australia:

According to The Economist intelligence unit 2018, The top-rated universities for studying in Australia are given below;

#A Melbourne:

Melbourne is a top city in Australia and also in the world for studies. It’s mainly due to having a low crime rate, cleanliness, a high opportunity of employment, and its beautiful nature.

Although all of Melbourne’s universities are ranked, however, the top three universities for international students are the University of Melbourne, Monash University, and Royal Melbourne University of Technology.

#B Adelaide: 

It Is an inexpensive, pleasant, shielded, friendly, affordable, and unsullied city. It has a population of 12 million. All of these features make Adelaide an amazing place to study. 

Its three well-known universities: The University of Adelaide, the University of South Australia, and Flinders University are ranked by the QS World University Rankings within the world’s top 450.

Besides these three “Adelaide Business School” is also a highly qualified university for international students in Adelaide.

#C Sydney:

International students are attracted to Sydney mainly for its globally ranked universities and pleasurable atmosphere.

It is a city with affordable universities of average expenditures. Its universities are ranked in the top 10 universities of the world.

The best and number 1 university in Sydney is Macquarie University. Then comes the list of the University of Technology of Sydney (UTS), University of Sydney (USYD), and University of New South Wales (UNSW).

5) Know the Unwritten Essential Rules: 

If you want to study in Australia then you have to follow some unwritten and essential rules, the most crucial of which are:

    • Don’t call Australians with the terms like “Sir, Madam”, otherwise they will feel over-differential, clumsy, and irritating.
    • You must have taken away snake gaiters with you before going for a hike, or else there is a high possibility to be bitten by a snake.
    • Treat every Australian equally and don’t differentiate them by acting super-class because they don’t like ostentatious and pretentious people. So, treat everyone, the way you are, try to be genuine and as simple as you can.
    • If you’re a private means of transport and are on the way to your university, or somewhere else then must keep an eye on the Traffic rules/signs set aside for avoiding big complications.

6) Courses:

An extensive variety of courses for multiple ranges of departments and fields are offered by the Australian academic institutes and universities.

However, the Engineering field in Australia is at its peak. For availing more job opportunities and a successful career in Australia, the top-rated fields are; 

    • Biomedical Engineering, 
    • Medicine (MBBS),
    • MBA (Master of Business Administration), 
    • Geology, 
    • Information Technology (IT),
    •  Core-Engineering,
    •  Psychology, 
    • Tourism.

7) Australian Government Scholarships:

Australian Government and universities provide a range of scholarships, every year. So that the international and national deserving students, without thinking about the expenses, can achieve great success and brighten the name of the country and the nation. Scholarships for the international students that are announced every year are:

  • Flinders International Postgraduate Research Scholarships (FIPS):

This scholarship is offered by the Australian Flinders University. This is for those students who want to pursue their academic future as a researcher. A total of five scholarships are offered by the Flinders University of Research for up to 5 years of academic studies.

  • Australian Awards Scholarship:

The Australian Department of Foreign affairs offers this government scholarship to international students. This scholarship is especially for the students from developing countries for undertaking their Bachelor’s, Masters or Ph.D. degree.

The “Australian Awards Scholarship” includes full tuition fee coverage, Stipends for accommodation expenses, living expenditure, overseas health cover, and a ticket to and from your country.

  • International Postgraduate Research Scholarship Program(IPRS):

The University of South Australia offers this scholarship to international students annually. It’s specifically for Doctorate and Postgraduate international students. This scholarship is for up to 3 academic years for doctorate research students and up to 2 years for the Master’s research students. It covers health check-ups and tuition fee costs.


The University of Adelaide offers the “Global Academic Excellence Scholarship” for international students. It is for those international students who want to start their Undergraduate or Postgraduate studies in Australia. This scholarship is for international students who enroll during the academic session of 2021 to 2025. The students having an ATAR above 98 or a GPA of 6.8, will be awarded the scholarship. And that scholarship will include a 50% tuition fee reduction.

8) Visa:

All international students who plan to study for more than 12 weeks in Australia will have to get an Australian Student Visa of Subclass 500 before taking a flight to Australia. In that case, you’ll gain access to do jobs in Australia. So, you’ll have an opportunity to do work along with your studies. In short, after getting an Australian Student Visa, you can study as well as work with the ease of comfortability for up to 5 years.

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