Australian Admissions 2024

5 Steps to Apply for Admissions in Australia in 2023


Well Australia is not just famous for its beaches, wildlife and its small community of people but also for its extra ordinary higher educational system.

So, you know you want to get there but you’re wondering how to turn your dreams into reality?

Well, we have the answer.

Step 1: Select your course and Australian University

As UK System is adopted by Australian universities so you need to select the course or the degree program before you start your studies. But it is significant to choose the best course that could be the turning point of your career path.

As to add in make sure the course you’re choosing, you surpass all their eligibility criteria. However, you can apply to multiple universities in Australia, Keep the following in your minds while selecting your university:

      • Size of the campus
      • Accommodation
      • Available facilities
      • Support service for international students

Step 2: Decide how you want to apply?

There are two major options to finance your studies in Australia. The first one is to apply for a fully-funded Australia Awards Scholarship to study for free in any of the Australian Public Universities. The second method is to directly apply for admission to any Australian University via their website and finance your studies on your own.

So, first, make your mind on how you wish to proceed with your application. Make sure before applying, you take an English language proficiency test, the most popular being IELTS as that’s essential for admission, scholarships, and student visa application process. The best part about applying for Australia is there are miscellaneous options to apply for the university, unlike US and UK.

      • You, yourself can apply directly through the university’s website.
      • Through a local university
      • Through the travel agencies

Make sure you understand your university’s unique application process. And meet all the deadlines from applying online to mailing your documents that are probably mentioned on websites according to your course.

Now you wait until you receive a call letter probably through emails, so check your emails thoroughly each day.

Step 3: Accept your admission offer!

Did you receive the Australian University’s admission or Scholarship offer letter? Congratulations!

Let the university know you’re ready to accept their offer, read their terms and condition too. Make sure you receive Confirmation of Enrolment (COE), pay your fee and all dues.

And start gathering everything you need for the visa application process.

Step 4: Apply for Australian Study VISA

Now that you’ve secured your place in the desired Australian institution, it’s time for you to apply for your Australian student visa.

You can directly contact the Australian immigration website where you will have to pay 550 AUS Dollars and reveal information about your personal life, your studies, and much more.

Following things are required for an Australian study visa to be approved:

      • Confirmation of Enrolment
      • Current passport
      • English language proficiency test results (ILETS)
      • Financial proof (that you could afford your return airfare, your tuition fee that comes to the total of 18,610 AUS Dollars per year)
      • Criminal record verification results
      • Australian accepted health insurance

*evidences required: your bank statements, your loan documentation, and your parents’ financial history.

Also, they can call for an interview as well, be prepared.

Step 5: Plan your journey!

You’ve got your Australian student visa finally! You can arrive at your Australian University 90 days before your program begins. As my suggestion, it will be great to get familiar with the place, people and the environment.

You can also get a chance to find good cozy accommodation.

I know the process was stressful, you made it through!

Best of luck!

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