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6 Steps to Apply for Admissions in Australian Universities

Australia is known for its multi-culture, professional education, friendly folks, top universities, and amazing nature. Along with its popularity for Galah and parrots, it is a famous study destination for international students.

Besides these qualities, Australia offers many golden opportunities to the national and international students of different countries and cultures for pursuing their dream careers at the most qualified and world-recognized Australian universities.

According to the QS World University rankings, Australia’s national university is ranked 6th number among the worldwide universities for international students.

How to apply for admission to Universities in Australia as an International student?

Anyhow, a detailed guide for applying to Australian universities at graduate, postgraduate, and Ph.D. level and to help you achieve admission in the international institutions is mentioned below:

6 Steps to apply for admission to Australian Universities

Once you decide to take admission in Australia, then you would be definitely wondering about the application procedure and other credentials required for the admission. Here’s the listicle of every step mandatory for completing the application procedure…

#1 Search Australian Universities for international students:

Think carefully of your desired field and subject. Then search for the Australian universities that offer admissions to international students in your desired major. 

Although, 43 universities in Australia are very popular among foreign graduates the most important and ranking universities are listed below:

      • The national university of Australia.
      • Melbourne University.
      • The Queensland university.
      • The University of Sydney.
      • Griffith university.
      • The University of Tasmania.
      • Adelaide University.
      • Kaplan business school.
      • The Western university.
      • The University of new south wales.

#2 Check out your major/ course:

Once you thoroughly research all Australian universities, list those where your major is offered. Some popular majors and subjects to study in Australia are hereinafter laid down. 

      • Engineering courses.
      • Management courses.
      • Computer science courses.
      • Mathematics courses.
      • Master of Business administration (MBA).
      • Accountancy courses.
      • Agricultural and farming courses.
      • Architecture courses.

#3 Check out the eligibility criteria:

Before selecting the major or course, check out the eligibility criteria which the university offers for your enrollment. Some essential eligibility credentials have been discussed below:

      • Age limit.
      • Required marks.
      • International language exam scores.
      • Visa requirement.
      • Health certificate.
      • Prior working experiences.

#4 Get ready your documents:

Then start preparing your documents required by the Australian university such as:

      • High school certificate. 
      • High school academic transcripts.
      • Secondary education or TAFE certificate.
      • Secondary school transcripts.
      • A letter of recommendation from any of your previous study’s institute professors (In some cases otherwise not crucial).
      • A letter of intent describing your ambitions and clear visions of choosing Australia for studying (occasionally required).
      • Study plan, or research proposal
      • Motivation letter
      • Test your health conditions and get an overseas health cover.
      • And the last one is that if you do not live in an English-speaking country then you will have to appear in an international exam such as IELTS, TOEFL, GMAT, or GRE, etc. 

It is best to have these test scores before the Australian Admission application process.

However, in case of unavailability, you will have to prepare for an urgent exam because according to any of these international exams scores your English speaking and understanding proficiency will be judged.

The type of international exam test, you need to prepare depends upon the university requirements…

#5 Apply for Admission to your desired Australian universities:

As you have done with getting all your documents ready then it’s time to apply for admission. You can apply directly through the online application websites of the universities or you also have an option to apply through an education agent of Australia in your country.

#6 Prepare your Australian student visa:

After applying to any Australian university, if your application got approved by your selected university then a letter of acceptance (LOA) or letter of enrolment(LOE) will be sent to you by that university department. 

In case you don’t have a student visa and then getting LOA, afterward, you will have to start striving for an Australian student visa through either online Foreign-Home Affairs or by paperwork.

Before applying check out your birth certificate or passport, international English exam scores, financial eligibility of affording at least 12 months stay in Australia, and of course your letter of enrollment confirmation granted by the university.

So, if you are applying via an online portal then at that time you will have to submit your letter of acceptance details.

However, in case of applying for a student visa through printed documents, you will need to submit your letter of acceptance information before the visa procedure begins.

Once you complete all of the above documents, then you will have just to get a ticket to Australia and set off to Australia for accomplishing your future dreams.

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